Transitions Network

Strengthening Transitions from Early Childhood to Primary Schools

The Transition Network was established to bring together Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) educators, school, and preschool teachers, fostering connections among the practitioners in effectively supporting children and families in transitioning from ECECs to schools. This initiative involves discussions on aspects of good practice to help children and families in the transition process. The network aims to;

  • Foster relationships
  • Form partnerships, and
  • Share the role of supporting child and families in the transitions process

It is hoped that this network can support teachers and educators through regular interactions, strengthening connections between schools, ECECs, children and families. This, in turn, aims to create a flexible yet consistent approach for positive transitions. The network meets once per time.

Upcoming Event

Transitions Network: Valuing and Using the Continuity and Transitioning Statement


  • Reflections & observations of the 2023/24 transition
  • Presentation 1 (ECEC Director) – Using the Continuity and Transitioning Statement across Early Learning Centre transitions and into school
  • Presentation 2 (Preschool teacher) – How the statement can be used in a preschool classroom
  • Presentation 3 (Teacher) – How to effectively use the statement in a school setting
  • Connection time – meet, connect and share

Date: Wednesday, 20 March 2024 | Time: 4:00 – 5:30 pm | Venue: Florey Preschool


Transitions Network Meeting 1 | 15 November 2022

The first Transitions Network meeting was attended by 17 teachers and educators from 12 ECECs and schools in Belconnen.


Transitions Network Meeting 2 | 7 March 2023

The second Transitions Network meeting was attended by 9 teachers and educators from 8 ECECs and schools in Belconnen.


Transitions Network Meeting 3 | 24 August 2023

The third Transitions Network Meeting was held at Latham Primary School. A total of 35 teachers, educators, community members and representatives from ECECs, schools, organizations and Education Directorate attended the meeting.


Transitions Network Meeting 4 | 25 October 2023

The fourth Transitions Network meeting was attended by 25 teachers, educators, community members and representatives from ECECs, schools, organizations and Education Directorate. The meeting was held at Kingsford-Smith School.

Here is what some of the network members have to say.

It was great, I was able to meet teachers from schools I had no connection with and two of them rang me the next day to organise to visit our centre to meet and discuss some of the children transitioning to their school.

ECEC Educator

The most useful thing I gained from the network was getting an understanding from schools as to what information would be useful to know in the transition statements and learning that some schools already have social stories established and that we can access them.

ECEC Educator

Over the course of 4 Transitions Network meetings, discussions centered on improving information sharing, consolidating ideas, resources, and processes for transitions, and strengthening partnerships to foster collaboration throughout the transitions period to better support children and families. Here is what we heard:

  • There are issues around families understating the enrolment process
  • Families are struggling with the preschool hours
  • Families often don’t have an awareness of children’s development milestones

Parent expectations of preschool programs, school readiness and a lack of understanding of school expectations from parents were also highlighted. Some strategies shared and discussed included:

  • Using the Education’s Transition and Continuity Statement instead of the final summative assessment
  • Connecting schools and ECECs early to share information and support families during transition
  • Offering additional opportunities to connect across multiple schools, similar to transitions network