Pre-school or kindergarten

Aranda preschool (Aranda Primary School)

At the Aranda Preschool, the preschool team will use the Framework in partnership with families – children’s first and most influential educators, to develop learning programs responsive to children’s ideas, interests, strengths and abilities. The EYLF recognises that play-based learning in an environment where they can develop secure relationships is vital for them to learn and develop.

Baringa Early Learning Centre

Baringa has a rich history in early childhood education and care, supporting families for over 40 years. We have an Exceeding Rating of the National Quality Standards. Located in Spence ACT, we provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment. Our children develop secure relationships at a young age, with their emotional needs cared for, which influence positive behaviours and a curiosity for learning. Baringa is a not-for-profit, incorporated association and registered charity. Families and staff are association members, with all profits reinvested into early childhood education for the community. The centre recognises the importance of continuous quality improvement and seeks feedback from children, families and staff to better inform our programming, planning and service provision.

Brindabella ELC (Brindabella Christian College)

Our Charnwood Early Learning Centre caters for children from 6 months to 5 years of age. Our centre includes four rooms: T1 (babies), T2 (toddlers), P3 (three-year-old preschool) and PK (Pre-kinder). 
BCC Early Learning Centre is committed to providing an excellent early learning curriculum and is highly structured, intentional and focused. The curriculum builds on the children’s interests, strengths, capabilities, culture, developmental needs and experiences to reflect the Early Learning Centre philosophy and the Brindabella Christian College values and ethos. Our educational program aspires to be a cycle of reflection, planning, implementation and evaluation. Each step depends on the other and the best educational experiences are provided for the children when these steps are working in conjunction.

Browning ELC (Radford College)

The Browning Early Learning Centre (ELC) is a purpose-built learning environment for Pre-Kindergarten children. It is our privilege to welcome our youngest students and their families to the ELC and we warmly invite you to visit at any time. The design of our learning spaces is based on the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education, in which the environment is the “third teacher”. Indoor and outdoor spaces invite wonder and curiosity, exploration and play, inquiry and meaning-making. Our veggie patch, kitchen, sandpit and mud pit, art workshops, cubby houses, adventure gardens and classrooms nourish the minds, bodies and souls of our young ELC students.

Charnwood-Dunlop Preschool

Charnwood-Dunlop Preschool is part of the Charnwood-Dunlop School community. We offer 30 hours a fortnight of preschool education for children in the year before they start school and five hours a week for eligible three year olds.

Florey Preschool (Florey Primary School)

At Florey Preschool, children are valued as curious, capable and collaborative learners with their uniqueness celebrated. Throughout the environment, children are free to explore, investigate and pursue their individual interests to learn through play. We promote respect for ourselves, each other and our environment..

Flynn Early Childhood Education Centre

Flynn Early Childhood Education Centre is an 140 place centre offering permanent full time, part time and casual care for children birth to five years of age with two infant learning spaces, three toddler learning spaces and two preschool learning spaces. These spaces are flexible in their use to accommodate different ages of children and availability of places.

Flynn Preschool (Mount Rogers Primary School)

At our preschools we recognise that children arrive with a variety of life and family experiences that should be acknowledged and celebrated.  Developing and building relationships with families and the Mount Rogers school community is key to our practice.  We recognise the importance of nurturing curiosity, questioning and a sense of wonder.

Fraser Preschool (Fraser Primary School)

The Fraser Preschool philosophy builds upon our school’s purpose and vision statements and the principles from the Early Years Learning Framework. We create a safe, warm welcoming environment, where children feel secure and supported in their explorations as learners. Our role as educators is to respond to children’s ideas and play and use intentional teaching to scaffold and extend each child’s learning.  We adopt holistic practices which value the cultural and social contexts of children and their families. We develop and work to maintain reciprocal, respectful relationships between all members of our preschool community.

Gan Yisroel Childcare

We understand that placing your child in Day Care care is an important decision and as such, we feel privileged to play an integral role in your child’s learning and development with Gan Yisroel Childcare And Community Centre in Giralang with Child Care. Our program provides a balance of social, religious, and general themes, as well as life skills, to promote the child’s complete development. The daily schedule is planned to reflect the Centre’s philosophy and is regularly evaluated in the light of specific short-term and long-term goals. We have a child-centered approach where the needs, abilities, and interests of individual children are met through a developmentally appropriate and culturally based program.

Giralang Preschool (Giralang Primary School)

Giralang Preschool is located on site at Giralang Primary School. We boast a fully landscaped outdoor environment which includes a huge sand pit, water pump, a large vegetable patch, fruit trees and a brand new purpose built traffic centre. The indoor learning environment is purpose built boasting a fully functioning kitchen, internal courtyards, a variety of flexible learning spaces, preschool sized toilets and internal access to the main school building. Giralang Primary has developed a strong transition program from Preschool to Kindergarten. Activities such as visits from ‘buddies’ in a mentoring program and a strong kindergarten orientation program (including a parallel parent program) assist with a smooth and easy transition from Preschool to Primary School.

Guardian Childcare and Education Bruce

We have designed a learning environment that responds to their needs in a changing world. Our kindergarten and preschool programs provide an environment of safety and security that enables children to explore and understand their world. It’s where they develop the foundational literacy and numeracy skills to thrive. Guardian use transitions statements that are an assessment of your child’s learning and development over the year. They are given to your child’s new teacher as children move from three-year-old kindergarten and preschool to the four-year-old kindergarten room or on to formal schooling. By sharing this statement, we make sure your child’s new teacher at Guardian or school know your child and their progress as well as we do!

Hawker Preschool (Hawker Primary School)

At Hawker Preschool our teachers are fully qualified with an Early Childhood Degree. All teaching programs align with ACT Education and Training Directorate policies. These encourage learning through
play, explicit teaching of literacy and numeracy, environmental and physical education, visual and performing arts, science and technology. Children’s learning is supported by the Early Childhood band of the ACT Curriculum Framework, Every Chance to Learn, the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia and the Australian Curriculum. Hawker Preschool staff recognise that children learn through their play. They implement the Framework in partnership with families to develop learning programs responsive to children’s ideas, interests, strengths and abilities.

Kaleen Preschool (Kaleen Primary School)

The aim of Kaleen Preschool is to create and maintain a warm, co-operative learning environment where staff, children and parents are engaged in developing co-operative relationships, abilities and skills of the children to the fullest extent of their capabilities.

Koori Preschool (Kingsford Smith School)

Koori Preschool provides Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children aged 3 to 5 years with a play-based, culturally safe learning program aligned with the Early Years Learning Framework. Each Koori Preschool provides 15 hours of preschool per week. In addition to enrolment in Koori Preschool, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children can enrol in their local preschool.

Latham Preschool (Latham Primary School)

Latham Preschool believes that play-based learning in an environment where children can develop secure relationships is vital for them to learn and develop. Guided by the EYLF, the preschool team will create stimulating outdoor and indoor learning environments that encourage children to explore, solve problems, create and construct.

Macgregor Preschool (Macgregor Primary School)

The Macgregor Preschool philosophy builds upon the school’s vision statement and the principles and practices of the Early Years Learning Framework. We believe that children are capable, creative, confident, co-contributors and active participants in their own learning.

Macquarie Preschool (Macquarie Primary School)

Our preschool is located next to the primary campus in Macquarie, in close proximity to Belconnen. We offer a play-based learning environment for preschool aged children. Both the indoor and outdoor areas are interesting and attractive, enabling children to grow, learn and develop in a fun-filled setting at their individual level. At Macquarie we respect the needs of each child.

Macquarie Milestones ELC

Preparing for primary school is one of the most important times in a child’s life. Our Lifelong Learning School Readiness program stimulates young minds, builds confidence, resilience and positive self-image, and supports children’s transition to school, preparing them for a positive start. It acknowledges that all children are capable of achievement as educators meet each child’s individual needs.

Maribyrnong Preschool (Maribyrnong Primary School)

Maribyrnong Primary School has four preschool groups. Our educators work collaboratively to plan experiences for the children using the Early Years Learning Framework to guide the intentional and incidental learning for the children in each group. The preschool children are part of the wider Maribyrnong Primary community and are involved in a number of opportunities to visit our main site and participate in shared learning experiences with their older peers. The preschool children visit the school library once a week, engage in a buddy program in semester two and join in whole school events such as the Walkathon, SRC fundraising days and the school concert.

McKellar Cottage Childcare Centre

McKellar Cottage is a family-owned Childcare Centre nestled in the leafy surrounds of McKellar. Our dedicated family of educators provides a stimulating, hands-on learning program, which is guided by your child’s experiences and reflects your child’s diversity, strengths, needs, interests, and stage of development. Junior Pre-School: 30 – 42 months Pre-School: 42 months – school age

Melba Preschool (Mt Rogers Primary School)

At our preschools we recognise that children arrive with a variety of life and family experiences that should be acknowledged and celebrated.  Developing and building relationships with families and the Mount Rogers school community is key to our practice.  We recognise the importance of nurturing curiosity, questioning and a sense of wonder.

Miles Franklin Preschool (Miles Franklin Primary School)

Our preschool offers a play based approach to learning within a stimulating and supportive environment. We provide programs that foster children’s curiosity, creativity, cognitive abilities and problem solving skills. These plans take into consideration their current interests, stage of development and life experiences.
We value the involvement of the children, their families and staff from our local and wider community, in the journey towards life long learning.

My Little Start Early Learning Centre

Our experienced early childhood educators design My Little Star’s dynamic, vibrant and inspiring program. Our program is based on the knowledge that every child is a natural learner, and they individually develop at their own pace. Unlike outdated programs of previous generations that expected all children to learn the same things simultaneously, our program is flexible, individualistic and engaging. We aim to offer every child a unique, rich and enticing learning experience to give them the best possible start in life. Junior preschool (2.5 – 3 years) & preschool (3 – 6 years)

Papilio Early Learning Bruce

When you enrol your child with Papilio we appreciate the trust, you place in us to provide your child with high quality education and attentive care. Our exceptional two-year Preschool program provides every opportunity to prepare your child for a positive start to their schooling years. Our Bachelor qualified teachers form secure relationships with every child, extending their learning and development. 

Rainbow Cottage Early Childhood Centre

Rainbow Cottage is a 49 place not for profit Community Education and Care Service, hidden in the heart of Belconnen. With bright open rooms and ample sized natural and man-made yards, it offers Quality Education and Care to children aged birth to 5 years, in one of three age groups. Rainbow Cottage believes in a holistic approach to Early Education and Care. We believe that children learn through play based experiences and environments, with educators who have a strong focus on each child’s emerging autonomy, inter-dependence, resilience and sense of agency.

Sage Education and Childcare

At Sage we take all that is amazing about preschool children and use that as the foundation for the educational program. Our innovative preschool program is based on the most current research and has been designed by experienced kindergarten teachers. Sage offers a comprehensive curriculum founded on the Early Years Learning Framework that ensures the best possible preparation for your child’s transition to Kindergarten. We use a positive and inclusive pedagogy which focuses on foundational knowledge, skills and attributes of the National School Curriculum.

Southern Cross Early Childhood School (Preschool Unit)

The school ensures continuity for children in both their learning and relationships during their early years. The School’s motto, “From Little Things Big Things Grow”, encapsulates the value placed on providing a caring and nurturing environment for our young children to grow and develop into active and successful members of our community. High quality early education is offered through a focus on play-based learning, explicit teaching of literacy and numeracy, science, sustainability, physical education and all aspects of the Arts.

Spence Preschool (Mount Rogers Primary School)

At our preschools we recognise that children arrive with a variety of life and family experiences that should be acknowledged and celebrated.  Developing and building relationships with families and the Mount Rogers school community is key to our practice.  We recognise the importance of nurturing curiosity, questioning and a sense of wonder.

St Thomas Aquinas Early Learning Centre West Belconnen Child Care

St Thomas Aquinas Preschool caters to families in the Belconnen area. St Thomas Aquinas Preschool invites your child to take their first step into Catholic Education in the Archdiocese of Canberra. Preschool class sizes of 22 children led by Early Childhood trained teachers and educators. A curriculum based on the Australian National Early Years Learning Framework. A play-based preschool program that includes both intentional teaching and learning opportunities based on the interests of the children.

Totom House Multicultural Early Childhood Centre

In our Preschool room, our teaching-learning program consolidates the skills already acquired and also focuses on providing opportunities through which the children can improve their fine motor skills, language, and cognition.  We place a special emphasis on the children’s social and emotional development, supporting them as they become more independent, begin to self–regulate and make decisions, and confidently express their ideas, opinions, and feelings.

Weetangera Preschool (Weetangera Primary School)

At Weetangera Preschool we provide an inquiry based learning program where children have the opportunity to engage in sustained and meaningful learning experiences in open-ended, rich environments. The program is designed using the Being, Belonging and Becoming: Early Years Learning Framework for Australia (EYLF). At Weetangera Preschool we value our parent community and encourage all families to be involved with our school. We welcome families to participate in school activities, such as excursions, as well as volunteering to assist in the preschool classroom. Parents wishing to share a particular interest or expertise with staff and children are also welcome, especially if you have expertise that could enrich any of our inquiry units throughout the year.

Wiradjuri Preschool (University of Canberra)

Wiradjuri Preschool and Child Care Centre is available to children of staff and students of the University of Canberra as well as the general public. Our Early Learning Centre operates within the Teacher Education program of the Faculty of Education and is located in Building 5 at the University of Canberra. The Centre is an integral part of the Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) program, providing opportunities to our pre-service teachers as well as a valuable service to the general community.

Wonderschool Macgregor

At Wonderschool early learning centres, we believe children are confident and capable learners who are citizens from birth. Children should be co-collaborators of their own learning with our Educators, and they should be given time to develop at their own pace. Children at Wonderschool are encouraged to articulate their learning to peers and their community. We work from a base of respect for children, families, our colleagues and the land on which we work. We work collaboratively with children and their families and allow all involved in our learning community to have a voice and feel listened to.

YMCA Belconnen Early Learning Centre

At our Belconnen Early Learning Centre, we celebrate our strengths and unique differences, and welcome everyone into our centre with open arms. We work with our families to build strong partnerships which are paramount to the children’s development, focused on kindness, involvement, and trust. We also pride ourselves on sustainable practices, environmental awareness, waste minimisation, and bringing the outdoors inside to provoke interest, investigation, and a sense of belonging. We are proud to be an inclusive center and believe in the power of inspired children, families, and educators. Our Belconnen Early Learning Centre is perfect for families looking for childcare close to the Belconnen Town Centre. Being situated only 150m from Lake Ginninderra, there is plenty of opportunities for outside play and for the children to be among nature.