Meeting the needs of the community

Our current projects provide the foundations for ongoing whole-of-system
collaboration in the Belconnen district.


Using available data, this project aims to tell the story of children in Belconnen to give a picture of their wellbeing across our community. This will inform how and where we need to focus our efforts to make a better Belconnen. 

Improved Transitions
to School

This project will work towards improving the transition process into schools so that children have the best start to their formal learning journey. 

Improved Service and School Connections with Families

This project aims to make it as easy as possible for parents and carers to raise their children. We’re bringing together health, community and education providers to improve accessibility to child and family support services and resources.

Future activities

The Village initiative is a long-term endeavour. We want to respond to the changing needs of the community and ensure children and their families in Belconnen are fully supported by the system at all times.

Future activities will largely be driven by the community for the community.

Current activities

We’re already working on:

  • Community engagement
  • Building and strengthening relationships between schools and early childhood learning centres (ECECs)
  • this website as a portal for services, teachers and residents
  • an extensive evaluation of our work