Child Development Resources

Child Development Videos and Flyers

We are thrilled to be launching our community centered, collaboratively designed child development information series for families and services. These resources were developed in response to a need identified by the community through our extensive engagement across the early years sector. In particular, working with the ECECs and primary schools in Belconnen, who identified the lack of child development knowledge of families and educators as a barrier to children accessing supports early.

There are 8 videos and accompanying flyers that represent the 8 milestones from the ACT Health Blue Book. They offer information on age-appropriate milestones, what to do if a child is not reaching those milestones and information on appropriate services.

These resources can be used in multiple settings – ECECs, preschools, playgroups, libraries, Child and Family Centre’s, medical services and any child or family services.

Child Development Poster

Check the Blue Book | Act Early | Seek Support

A poster for parents about developmental milestones and development checks, referring to the Blue Book. This poster contains valuable health information that you and your child will need throughout life. Keep track of your child’s development!

Blue Book | Child Health Checks

Your Personal Child Health Record

Your Blue Book helps record your child’s health, illnesses, injuries, growth and development from 0-5 years. You will find information on all 9 of the checks in the Blue Book. Keep up to date with your child’s health checks.

Family Pathways Map

Pathways to support you and your child

This map helps you understand the journey of a family as they access and move through the various parts of the system that support children and families to thrive. It offers a visual guide, mapping the entry points into the system and the journey through it. This helps you and those in the system to communicate better about how to navigate and find support when and where it’s needed.

Child and Family Program & Service Directory

A comprehensive list of available services & program

The Directory is a resource for schools, ECECs, services and families in the Belconnen community, providing information about services and programs that operate in Belconnen or across the ACT to support children and families, with a focus on, but not limited to, pregnancy to five years. It includes ACT Government programs.