Past Events

Village/AEDC Workshops

Village has conducted a series of community workshops to help us understand our Belconnen community better. The first series of workshops, in partnership with the AEDC team, has focused on the most recent AEDC data (2021). This data tells us that more children in the ACT, particularly Belconnen, are experiencing high levels of developmental vulnerability. Village is committed to exploring this in more depth and working across the Belconnen community to facilitate a collaborative response where there is opportunity to have impact.

Village believes children are the heart of our community and deserve the best start to life possible.

Belconnen Child and Family Community Profile Workshops

A series of workshops hosted by Village (as part of a larger community engagement strategy) to capture the views of different audiences across the Belconnen community (including community residents). Participants were asked to contribute their understanding of what is important for the wellbeing of children in Belconnen and what data might support this. These workshops involved a presentation on the ARACY Nest and time to explore how and what data can be used to contribute to our understanding of wellbeing.

This information will be used to develop a Belconnen Child and Family Community Profile and support a series of road shows. These road shows will engage community in understanding the data, asking them to reflect on what it means to them and the children of Belconnen. This information, alongside the data in the profile, will further inform our understanding of the experience of children and families in Belconnen and how we can collectively respond to this.

Village believe that by improving collaboration and commitment to community engagement ‘all children in Belconnen can be physically healthy, socially and emotionally strong, and ready to engage fully in learning and life’

Harnessing the Power of Neuroscience to Improve Outcomes for Child and Young People Workshop

Village has an exclusive opportunity to participate in a workshop on Harnessing the Power of Neuroscience to Improve Outcomes for Child and Young People workshop. The workshop helped participants explore the core neuroscience insights about early childhood and adolescent development. It was an opportunity to think about how using brain story knowledge can help build capabilities that will allow us to achieve concrete, sustainable improvements in the life trajectories of Australian children, especially those living with entrenched disadvantage.

The changes we make for our children now will have a big impact on their future.

Be part of the Village

Our partners have an opportunity to inform ACT-wide policy and practices by being a part of Village.

We rely on partners to bring their expertise and experiences to the table. With a cross-sector view of the Belconnen region, we can be more informed and understand how our collective impact is supporting families.