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Harnessing the Power of Neuroscience to Improve Outcomes for Child and Young People workshop

Thanks to Village partner ARACY we had an exclusive opportunity to participate in a workshop led by Nancy Mannix from the Palix Foundation on HARNESSING THE POWER OF NEUROSCIENCE TO IMPROVE OUTCOMES FOR CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE on the 16th August.

About the Workshop

The workshop helped participants:

  • explore the core neuroscience insights about early childhood and adolescent development.
  • understand the impact of adversity, especially for those children and young people living ongoing disadvantage.
  • consider the science behind the Three System Design Principles and how they can be used to inform policy and program development, system design and professional practice.
  • understand how the Resilience Scale Metaphor translates neuroscience into professional practice and system re-design.
  • explore potential applications of the Design Principles and the Resilience Scale to the work of frontline professionals and policymakers.

We had an opportunity to think about how using brain story knowledge can help build capabilities that will allow us to achieve concrete, sustainable improvements in the life trajectories of Australian children, especially those living with entrenched disadvantage.

Schools as Communities workshop

In August 2022 we had an opportunity to host a workshop with Matthew Cox from the Bryan Foundation! A big thank you to Village partner ARACY for helping facilitate this connection.

We had an opportunity to hear about all the work they are doing at FamilyLinQ up in Queensland. FamilyLinQ is an exciting collaboration between The Bryan Foundation and Queensland Government that was officially launched by the Education Minister in 2021. It is Queensland’s first integrated school-based hubs initiative, aiming to improve the health, education and life outcomes for children and their families within school communities. Bringing together education, health and community services under the one roof, FamilyLinQ will play a key role in school community life and will be co-designed with a community first approach, to enable families to be the centre of school community life.

We were able to hear about all the amazing work they are doing up north and think about how to translate some of this into the ACT context. It was such an insightful presentation and we thank Matthew so much for taking the time for present to us.